Tattoo collaboration with Pliszka

A few days ago, I was welcoming my Polish friend Pliszka for 3 weeks. She came for the third time in my shop and I can say today that we are really good friends. It was a real chance for me to meet an artist like her. She really impresses me ; despite of her young age, she shows a lot of maturity and determination in her work.

For the first time, we took advantage of her coming to make a collaboration. Our client Lucie had the kindness to leave us carte blanche on the project. So I naturally chose to realize a realistic fox that Pliszka  decorated with floral ornaments that fits so well to her style.

Nearly 6 hours of work for this piece. I really enjoyed making this tattoo with her, that was an experience that we will renew when she will come back.

On the occasion of this collaboration, we wanted to donate all the money earned this day to an association I have been helping for years, “L’école des Chats Marcq” which helps cats in distress in my region. Pliszka being sensitive to this cause told me it was really important for her to help them too.

Photoshop project of the tattoo

Macro shot on the needles

the tattoo machine of Pliszka

Tattoo in progress

Pliszka working on the tattoo

Pliszka work on the tattoo

Stencil fox tattooTattoo collaboration result

I hope you love the result of our collaboration. You can follow my friend Pliszka on her instagram:

You can also follow me on instgram:here:

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